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Archon (ARR-kon), A leader and a ruler

Our mission is to build mutually beneficial relationships. Partner with us and help us help you better.

Archon was established in 1997 to change the way business was conducted in the industry. A revolutionary conduct was necessary to shake up the electronic and IT distribution market in the United States. Archon came to the forefront by re engineering the distribution business as we know it and by challenging the existing cost structures. Today we have a large presence in the east coast.
Leveraging its knowledge of the IT & Electronics market, Archon has diversified into IT consulting, Software services, Software product development and product distribution.

At Archon Inc we do not wait for market opportunities to come by. We create them. Our goal is to fulfill market opportunities with professionally driven software. Our software helps you save resources and reengineer expensive processes. Our products work for you and your employees. We believe in excellence. Our pursuit of excellence is one of the many reasons why you should invest your time and money in us.

  • IT Services
  • Computer Software and Hardware Products
  • Electronics, Mobiles, Networking Products

Archon Distribution

253 Washington Avenue
Nutley, NJ 07110
United States

Phone: +1 973 667 3001